TalisLife Health App

I was tasked with creating the user experience and visual design for TalisLife, including animated prototypes to demonstrate interactions.

The TalisLife app actively helps you track and improve your well-being. Too often, a person will improve one area (for instance, exercise) and the expense of another, creating an imbalance and sometimes a reduction in their overall health. TalisLife takes a holistic approach to health that incorporates analysis of the user's diet, stress, lifestyle and much more besides. The premise is that by improving incrementally in all of these areas will contribute a great deal to one's overall health and well-being.

Handy illustrated guides help explain some of the scientific terminology used in the app.

In order to gain a full picture of the user's health, a detailed consultation must take place. One of the challenges of this project was to make these consultations a friction-less and joyful user experience. Forms or extensive typing were to be avoided if at all possible. For this reason, a chat-style interface was proposed. This had key benefits in that it set an immediately familiar interaction paradigm, and in doing so relaxes the user, which is important in order to gain the most honest and considered responses.

Demonstrating the chat-style interface for collecting user data

Clear visual feedback accompanies specific actions to help improve the user's "score" in each area of their overall health.

Frequent tests for heart rate variability offer insights into the user's current stress levels.

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